Pricing For Digital Business Services

Pricing for GWP’s Services and software are very competitive. We also offer a Free Consultation for those looking to get a better online presence.

Website Pricing

Our websites are priced competitively, though there are less expensive options out there. Our websites range from $500 to $15000+  depending on what you need. Click Here for a Project Estimate!

App Pricing

At GWP, we know how important it is to be where your customers want you to be. Not long ago, it would cost $10,000+ to get a custom app developed for you for use in the IOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Now, thanks to improvements in technology, we can offer custom built apps for businesses for a fraction of that cost. Our App service has three tiers of service, as outlined below:

Plan 1: $50/month with $2,000 Start-Up

Plan 2: $100/month with $1,000 Start-Up

Plan 3: $200/month with $500 Start-Up

If you have a need for an App, please Send A Project Estimate or give us a call and see what specials we are running. (480) 516-2768

Listing Distribution Pricing
Listing Distribution is a One Time Purchase of $500. I’ve spent more money on one direct mail campaign alone, and this has a much better ROI. If you would like to learn more about Listing Distribution, please Click Here.
Social Media Marketing Pricing

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough time to handle Facebook, let alone Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn? Now for $99 / month, you can have us manage your social media, and schedule all of your posts using our convenient app!

Content Marketing Pricing / SEO

Content Marketing might as well be called SEO; they’re practically the same thing. We have plans for every buidget, but our pricing starts at $100 / month for our SEO Article Kickstart plan. Fill out a Project Estimate Form for more details.

Free Consultation

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